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in the nixon administration. and there was a real divide among those nixon administration. some were convinced that richard nixon was an antisemimite. some thought that he wasn't. william is among those that was among it. >> it was some disappointing we but he wasn't antisemitic. to be antisemitic they hate jews. he certainly didn't. [inaudible] >> how would you explain this these discussions with -- jews and the bureau of labor statistics. where does it come from? how do you explain it? he is -- jews as liberals as new yorkers. -- he would look at -- [inaudible] as exceptions and but it was liberals they hated. not hate. liberal and jews in hollywood and new york were the target. but i look over and some of my best friends are jews. but in this case, i think it was the towel-snapping, locker room type of anti-semitism. >> host: your reaction? >> guest: i'm proud to say there a lot of people that are interviewed open on the subject. there's a lot for the viewer to make sense of it. i'll leave it to the view per. all i can say is that president nixon's comments on the tape are more -- about jew
. >> suarez: a fresh series of secret tapes reveals former president nixon's attempts to control the watergate scandal. we hear excerpts and discuss what they tell us. >> woodruff: and we look at the personalities driving the politics and gridlock in washington with two authors and veteran political journalists: robert draper and mark leibovich. >> you do wonder, when people are in office, when people are in power, who are they really working for? are they in it to serve the public good, or are they in it for self-service? >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> su
are closing in on a national treasure. >>> and the final hours of the nixon tapes. for thfirst time tonight, secret recordings at the height of watergate right after the moment they pulled the plug. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. >>> good evening. i'm lester holt in for brian. what we have learned in the 24 hours or so after a heavily armed man barged into an atlanta area school is beyond frightening and comes as a jarring reminder of what happened just eight months ago in newtown, connecticut, and what could have happened yesterday. police in georgia say the alleged gunman had nearly 500 bullets and was apparently prepared for a violent showdown with police when he entered the mcnair discovery learning academy. also new tonight details of his criminal record and what his lawyer said today about his mental state. our national correspondent kate snow is in dekalb county, georgia, with the latest for us. kate? >> reporter: good evening, lester. this school has a lot of security. a double front door, you have to be buzzed to get in. but the gunman was able to closely follow someone i
confidential. the last of richard nixon's secret recordings are made public nearly 40 years after they helped bring down his presidency. >> i don't care if i get impeached in the congress, i've >> i don't care if i get impeached in the congress, i've got to get this done. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 22nd, 2013. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm an marie green. opponents of syrian government bashar al assad say they attacked rebel held positions near damascus this morning. this follows yesterday's chemical attack. scores appear to be killed but it's impossible to get an accurate toll. the syrian government denies using chemical weapons, but video appears to show people in the aftermath suffering from telltale signs of a chemical attack. we're warning, some of the images we are about to show you are graphic and they are disturbing. jurica duncan has our report. >> reporter: syrian claim the g bombed the same areas where an alleged chemical weapons attack took place yesterday. the grisly images posted to youtube yesterday showed men,
in on a national treasure. >>> and the final hours of the nixon tapes. for the first time tonight, secret recordings at the height of watergate right after the moment they pulled the plug. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. i'm lester holt in for brian. what we have learned in the 24 hours or so after a heavily armed man barged into an atlanta area school is beyond frightening and comes as a jarring reminder of what happened just eight months ago in newtown, connecticut, and what could have happened yesterday. police in georgia say the alleged gunman had nearly 500 bullets and was apparently prepared for a violent showdown with police when he entered the mcnair discovery learning academy. also new tonight details of his criminal record and what his lawyer said today about his mental state. our national correspondent kate snow is in dekalb county, georgia weath georgia, with the latest for us. kate? >> reporter: good morning, lester. a lot of security here, a double front door, you have to be buzzed in, but the gunman was able to closely follow someone in the school. 800 children wer
moments of the nixon presidency and some of the recordings that continue to fascinate us. >> we're still behind you out here. and i wanted you to know you're in our prayers. >> each of us has a different religion, you know. >> yes [ bleep ]. >> ron, we have got to build peace in the world. how did you marry such a pretty girl? my god. >> well, i'm lucky. >> you're lucky? that's right as i was lucky. re o be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. 100% whole grain brown rice and wheat and bake it with real sweet potato or savory red bean? a new line of triscuit crackers with a delicious taste and a crispier crunch. brown rice triscuit. a new take on an old favorite. with a d♪licious taste and a crispier crunch. and now there's a new way to d
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of q & a. tonight our discussion with historian and former nixon presidential library director. that begins at 7:00 eastern. at 8:00 booktv. tonight on c-span starting at 7:30 eastern we open up the gone line to get your thought on the value of student education. we take your comment and facebook messages. president obama unveiled the plan for making college for affordable. speaking to students at the state university new york buffalo campus. [applause] >> let me just talk about each of these briefly. our first priority is aimed at providing better value for students. making sure that families and taxpayers are getting what we paid for. today arne duncan, our secretary of education, to lead an effort to develop a new rating system for america's colleges before the 2015 college year. right now private rankings like "u.s. news" and "world report qts puts out each year the ranchings. it encourages a lot of colleges to focus on how to gain the number. it rewards them in some cases for raising costs. i think we should rate colleges based on opportunity. are they helping students fro
wants to live as a woman. on the very same day, we're bringing you the newly released nixon tapes. one of my favorite authors will be here to discuss his take on modern day villains who wear the black hat. first, today's politics planner. throughout the show, by the way, we have the budget on bus trip. we'll give you a look at some of these nixon tapes. the last ones that were released till those secret recordings were made public. so we've cherry picked the most interesting ones. includes conversations that president nixon had right after his first major address on watergate. announcing the resignations of his major advisers. nixon who apparently had a few drinks, spoke with halderman on the phone. >> it's a tough thing. would you agree? >> yes, sir, you've done it now and you've laid out your position, you've laid out your, taken your steps. >> interesting thing, you know, we haven't heard, the only cabinet officer that has called, and this is 50 minutes after the thing is over, is captain weinberger. bless his soul. all the rest are waiting to see what the polls show. damn strong ca
, richard nixon is a president under siege facing daily revelations about his administration's role in the watergate scandal. >> this office is a sacred trust. >> reporter: after the speech and apparently after a few drinks, nixon talks with his friend halderman by phone. >> it's a tough thing, bob, for you and for john the rest, but damn it, i'm never going to discuss this thing again. never, never, never, never. >> reporter: california's governor ronald reagan phones in to offer support. >> we're still behind you out here and i wanted you to know that you're in our prayers. >> reporter: the tapes end july 12 when the system is publicly revealed. richard nixon hangs on 13 months more. >> thanks to pete williams for that. we have good news for beau biden. he may be on his way home. the white house said the delaware attorney general underwent a successful procedure, but they didn't provide anymore details. a statement released by the biden family said he is in great shape and he will follow up with his local physicians in the coming weeks. numerous reports stated that the 44-year-old
look. >>> more on richard nixon as the watergate scandal unfolded. >> wildfires are spreading across much of the western united states. right now there are more than 50 of them burning in ten states. that includes at least nine new once that were first reported on wednesday. the flames have scorched thousands of acres of land, and the fight to contain them has cost already over a billion dollars. we have more on one of the most stubborn fires burning near yosemite national park. >> we've been told the rim fire has spread a little today, but the containment number is still standing at 5%. what that means is that firefighters did make some progress in another part of this 16,000-acre wildfire. so it is still very much a wild wildfire. 5% contained. the local county board of supervisors has asked governor brown to declare a state emergency. they're seeking state assistance. the firefighters today are from the federal level, and what we've seen is a situation called key l 5, preparedness level 5, it means that the government is stretched to its limits was for as resources. there are 18
richard nixon's final months in office are set to be released. the tapes apparently reveal how he tried to keep running the country while fighting off watergate accusations. >> the united nations plans to investigate reports of a chemical attack in syria this morning. syrian rebels say hundreds of people died in the attack carried out by troops loyal to the government. we want to warn you that some of the video we're about to show you is graphic. the opposition in syria says this video shows doctors treating victims. they're accusing the military of using nerve gas during an overnight assault in east damascus. the claims have in the been in they verified. syria action bat door to russia told interfacts it is not true. is there any way to prove or disprove the opposition claims at this point? >> it's really difficult at this point. as you mentioned, we are dealing with amateur video posted by activists on like that and aljazeera cannot independently verify its yo authenticity. the team is interested and wants to investigate the claims of the alleged attack. this would require a permanent
until the final boat comes in. >>> another side of richard nixon still ahead. the two future presidents and their words of support for richard nixon during watergate. >>> trs still a lot of cleanup going on in acapulco, mexico, after a 6.2 earthquake shook the area this morning. mexican authorities say two schools and a hospital in acapulco suffered damage and a metal tower collapsed at a naval base. there were no serious injuries we are aware of. >>> the former pope benedict is breaking his silence for the first time since he became the first pope to step down in 600 years. in february he said his age prevented him from doing a good job. now he says that his resignation was prompted by god who told him to do it during a mystical experience. benedict denies he had an apparition or heard god's voice but said he underwent a months' long mystical experience some of kind. >>> for the first time we are hearing the last words of president richard nixon at the moment of the searing scandal of watergate. john donvan on the big talk from political big guns. >> reporter: april 30th, 1973. >> good
as the watergate scandal unfolded. stephanie has more from the nixon presidential library. >> nixon's presidency was defined by watergate, but as hours of new audio tape reveal, he didn't let it distract him as a mission as a peacemaker. >> we have got to build peace in the world. >> the tapes were recorded between july and april of 1973 during the height of the watergate scandal, painting the picture of an era marked by social change. a president driven by women's issues, ending the vietnam war and word peace. >> it was a change in american society that was going on, and he happened to be the president during this tremendous change. >> during one conversation with his treasury secretary, john conley, nixon talked about disarmament. >> in one clip, nixon is speaking with brezhnev in the oval office. it was the only summit meeting ever recorded on a presidential taping system. >> between brezhnev and president nixon, it was very close, warm. they met four or five times. the president invited him out here to the western white house. >> one of the more poignant moments was recorded in april, 1973,
for the first time we hear the last words of president nixon on the secret tape at the moment of the searing scandal of watergate. abc's jon donvan guides us as we listen. >> reporter: april 30, 1973. >> good evening. >> reporter: a night richard nixon needed friends and then -- >> hello, mr. president. >> reporter: a call from a future president, ronald reagan. the secret phone recording system kicks in. >> hello, ron, how are you? >> fine, how are you? >> reporter: not is have so good, really. nixon had announced the resignation of close aides implicated in watergate, sacrificed to save him. reagan says -- >> for what it's worth, we're still behind you out here and i wanted you to know you're in our prayers. >> reporter: nixon comes back with a compliment. >> i appreciate your calling and give my great ets love to nancy. how did you ever marry such a pretty girl? >> i was lucky. >> reporter: then another future president calls. >> george bush is on the phone. >> hello? >> mr. president? >> reporter: that's h.w. bush. he had seen the speech, too. >> i really was proud of you. my golly, i kn
never to get the celebration. president nixon was right in the midst of the watergate scandal. the president had a good time with the season. >> the bears lost once in their nearly perfect season. >> we beat them. >> it happened to be the dolphins. >> this is something we hope you find a good spot for somewhere in your office or in the -- where you can look at it and this about that whipping that we put on that '85 bears team. or 3. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us. >>> well, just like old times. president obama heads out on a political road trip tomorrow taking his message about college affordability and economic mobility to new york state and, of course, my home state of pennsylvania. >> while the president attempts to sell his domestic agenda in the northeast, there are some really critical developments that we've just been talking about o
. >> terrific advice, thanks. still ahead at 4:00 nixon tapes. two future presidents called to support president nixon after a major speech about water gate. >> ambitious plan ceo mark zuckerberg has to get billions of people online. and nothing to do with races. >> michael fin gee taking your questions on twitter and facebook as always, will answer them here live just a little bit later. you can contact michael on and on twitter at m finney. >> taking a look at traffic right now on the golden gate bridge look at the sky. gorgeous afternoon. traffic moving smoothly. we'll be back with >>> a baggage handler convicted of stealing items from luggage is ordered to pay restitution to victims. a judge ordered george reyes to pay 32,000ses today 21 victims. reyes worked for united air lines until being caught in may. the a35-year-old pleaded guilty this month, now, he's serving a six-no mo jail sentence. >> apple loses it's hold on china google is looking into getting into the football game. >> cory johnson is here outside again, cory. >> yes, why not? beautiful day. you know you'll get t
wildfire explodes, threatening thousands of homes and a national treasure. >> who really erased the nixon watergate tapes? the varyings who say they have the answer. and filmmaker spike lee here to answer criticism over how he played for his latest movie. >> first, a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> those responsible for the use of chemical weapon, if it's determined that's what happened, will be held responsible. >> the u.s. under pressure to act in syria. >> government forces attacked rebel-held positions near damascus this morning. this follows yesterday's alleged chemical weapons attack. >> hosni mubarak who ruled egypt for 30 years is now expected to be released from prison any moment now. >> bob filner reaches a deal to settle the sexual harassment suit against him. no word on whether it will result in resignation. >> we expect he will consider resigning for the good of san diego. >> and out of control wildfire threatening buildings near yosemite national park. it is only 5% contained. >> look at those flames. >> he said he didn't care if he dies, he don't ha
of president nixon at the moment of the searing scandal of watergate. >> reporter: april 30 1973. >> good evening. >> reporter: a night richard nixon needed friends and then. >> hello, mr. president. >> reporter: a call from a future president, ronald reagan. the secret phone recording system kicks in. >> how are you. >> fine. >> reporter: nixon had announced the regular nation of close aides implicated in watergate, sacrificed to save him. reagan says. >> for what it's worth, we're still behind you out here and i wanted you to know you're in our prayers. >> give our comment plimts to nancy. how did you marry such a pretty girl? >> i was lucky. >> reporter: then another future president calls. >> george bush is on the phone. >> hello? >> mr. president? >> that's h.w. bush. he had seen the speech, too. >> i really was proud of you. i know it was tough. i just wanted to tell you that. >> reporter: this time nixon sounds anxious to wrap up. >> this is going to come through good and a lot of people rooting for you. >> all right boy, good of you to call. >> reporter: the tapes themselves would
in "the kennedy chronicles" that the grand old party boys and i instinctively started chanting, nixon now, nixon now! >> guest: we became nostalgic for the nixon presidency because we figured it couldn't get much worse. the reproach of bumper stickers circulated in 1992. acm, rested and ready. the former president was still alive at that point and we thought how ironic. >> host: kennedy, why are you here at freedom fast, a libertarian movement? >> guest: i am here as a proud contributor to reason tv. i've been working for a year and a half and i love it. i love to pieces. there's a ton of creativity. there is a solid message and i don't think libertarians should allow anyone else to define them. being a libertarian means different things to many people. you should be the one to decide that for yourself. it brings so many types of people together, what is the function of government? a lot of gold here. a lot of precious metal. i like that, so i'm wearing it right now. >> host: have your politics changed over the years? >> guest: politics have not changed drastically. it's certainly evolved
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that the grand old party boys and die distinctively started to chant nixon and now. nixon now. >> guest: we figured it could not get much worse. [laughter] and there were a bunch of bumper stickers circulating he is arrested if he is ready because he was still alive and we thought how ironic. >> host: why are you here at freedom pass a libertarian group, a kennedy? >> with reason tv i have worked with them for a year-and-a-half and i love it and i love the pieces that i do with them. there is a tie-in of creativity with a solid message i don't think that libertarians should let that define them is different things to different people and you should find that for yourself. freedom fest is great because it brings people together who are questioning what is the function of government? should be beyond the gold standard? we have a lot of precious metal. i am wearing it right now. >> host: have your politics changed over the years? >> guest: i would say not drastically but how i feel about certain issues has seibald. when i moved to seattle and i left mtv that i refined my voice as a libertarian
. >>> more secret tapes of conversations of former u.s. president richard nixon, recorded 40 years ago by a hidden tape system, here he talks to secretary of state henry kissinger of coming to the white house. >> i had already stented a conversation at your suggestion a few months ago. >> i know. >> i repeated it and said we could do it of one of two ways, to go either to the u.n. or come to washington. >> what purpose is it to go to the u.n. and then drop down here without the head of state thing and it will be everything except the grill. >> two men from iran have been jailed in teheran after a failed bomb plot. he was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to a term in prison about. >>> won the disputed election with 61% of the vote against 34% for the opposition. the ceremony was delayed after his opponent gan changarai. >> the united states has placed sanctions on a ridges school in northwest pakistan. , traveled to northwest prak stan where he gained exclusive access to the medrasa. >> this according to the u.s. government, is a terrorist training sister -- center where t
've decided colorado is too liberal. >>> finally, the last of the nixon tapes. president nixon hears about dirty tricks from a former president, george herbert walker bush. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> we've talked a lot about congress's automatic across the board spending cuts are having very real damaging effects on people around the country. more evidence this week of the extent of that damage. catch this, the department of health and human services reports more than 57,000 children have been forced out of head start through the funding cuts of that program. one of the great programs, head start. head start helps lower income children as you all know under the age of five get a leg up so they can start school with the other kids. the budget cut hit head start with the biggest cut in funding since the program started in '65. that's bad news. we'll be right back. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symp
admits he is gay and want as crack down overseas. >> what else is on the new nixon audio tapes released for the first time in 40 years? >> first plans for a million muslim march to take place on 9/11 right here in washington. we are going to tell you about the controversy it is generating when we come back. time now is 7:12. the nest has been getting a little too quiet of late. so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens. that you may not have time to roll out dough for a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or enough time to mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and a homemade gravy. she knows you may not have a moment to crimp the edges of your favorite chicken pot pie. but marie callender's does. and when she's done, all you need to do is find time to grab someone special, sit down, and savor. marie c
that you are in our prayers. >> reporter: insight into the unraveling of nixon's presidency, tapes and support he received in the midst of his downfall. >> a back to school fashion show. we will show you sharp clothe that will turn heads in the hallway this year. it's thursday, august 22nd. >> announcer: from abc new, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good thursday morning, everybody. a day away from the magic day. friday. we are getting there. >> pretty magical. not as magical as the weekend. any pig plabig plans for the we♪ >> just going to chill out. >> i don't have any big plans. spend more time with the family. >> you have been traveling a lot. nice to relax. >> had a couple trips. nice to not do anything this weekend. >> should we pay the bills. students returning to class this morning at a school near atlanta. newly released 911 tapes, and the harrowing few moments when a gunman threatened their safety. >> we hear more from the hero bookkeeper who helped prevent a tragedy. abc's tahman bradley. good morning. >> reporter: you are about to hear wh
't president obama paying attention now? nixon has proven you can never assume a scandal will just go away. it's clear on a lot of tapes. we'll play a couple portions. he's under the assumption it will all go away. i want you to react to this one, halderman, his confidant. >> it would appear that given a very difficult situation and no cooperation from justice, either fbi or kleindienst, that they've done a superb job in really keeping this thing. >> cool up to this point. >> let's be -- >> it's worth a lot of work to try and keep it from blowing. >> oh, yes. >> he was very sure that this would just blow over and go away. now, apples and oranges comparing them to the scandal this white house is facing. but the attitude is much the same. all of this stuff is going to blow away. we need not worry. what do you think? >> neil, white houses, whether they're democratic or republican, are very insular. and presidents tend to talk to a small number of aides that they really trust and they tell one another reassuring things in the bubble of the white house, but they may not be true. that was a wonderfu
will explain what the white house is doing for the skyrocketing cost of higher education. >> and nixon tapes revealed from the watergate years. we'll play the audio. the last four hours... have seen one child fail... to get to the air sickness bag in time. another left his shoes on the plane. his shoes. and a third just simply doesn't want to be here. until now. until right... booking now. planet earth's #1 accommodation site. booking.yeah >>> while we were at commercial break besides arguing over syria, something very special happened many, many years ago at emerson hospital in concord, massachusetts. steve kornacki was born. he wasn't around to tweet it out. we wish -- >> happy birthday. >> nothing more i would rather do on my birthday to come in at 4:00 a.m. >> 26 years old. >> full head of hair. >> get him some salon product. >> he's a real salon product consumer. >> coming up next cokie robs joins the conversation. "morning joe" brewed by starbucks coming right up. ♪ let busy treats entertain your dog with playful shapes, long lasting layers, savory flavors, and mesmerizin
ago this summer, richard nixon's presidency was unraveling and for the first time we are hearing a final batch of secret audiotapes that led to his fall. >> on those tapes we hear the phone calls he received after his first major national address on the watergate scandal. among them calls from two future presidents. abc's john donvan has been listening. >> reporter: april 30th, 1973. >> good evening. >> reporter: a night richard nixon needed friends. and then. >> hello? mr. president? >> reporter: a call from a future president, ronald reagan. the secret phone recording system kicks in. >> hello, ron, how are you? >> not so good really. 16 months before the end. nixon announced resignations of close aides implicated in watergate. sacrificed to save him. reagan says -- >> for whatever it's worth, we're still behind you out here and i wanted you to know that you are in our prayers. >> reporter: nixon comes back with a compliment. >> i so appreciate your calling and give my greatest love to nancy. how'd you ever marry such a pretty girl? good god! >> i'm lucky. >> you're lucky. >> r
nixon. the back and forth over football and politics and when it all collides. >>> plus, birther control? senator ted cruz says he's renouncing his canadian citizenship ahead of potential 2016 presidential run. one leading birther, referred to as the queen of the birther movement, is not letting senator cruz off the hook. play close. good and close. discover the new way to help keep teeth clean and breath fresh. new beneful healthy smile food and snacks. he'll love the crunch of the healthy smile kibbles. you'll love how they help clean. with soft, meaty centers, and teeth cleaning texture healthy smile snacks help keep a shine on his smile. it's dental that tastes so good. new beneful healthy smile food and snacks. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the s
kathy castor. thank you for your time this evening. >> thank you. >>> ahead, the nixon/reagan history that republicans try to forget. they like to talk scandal, but there's big news about a real scandal tonight. >>> but first, the nra's dirty little secret. they've been caught red handed exposed for their own hypocrisy. that's next. [ male announcer ] america's favorite endless shrimp is back! people wait for this promotion all year long. and now there are endless ways to love it... from crispy to spicy to savory. [ man ] you cannot make a bad choice. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp! as much as you like, any way you like! you can have your shrimp. and you can eat it, too. [ male announcer ] try our new soy wasabi grilled shrimp or classic garlic shrimp scampi. all just $15.99 for a limited time. it's gonna be a hit this year. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is now! we would never miss endless shrimp. [ male announcer ] but it won't last forever. so come and sea food differently. [ male announcer ] but it won't last forever. she loves a lot of it's what
, there wasn't an anti-nixon ral wily that didn't have a nixon mask. surprisingly the aclu hasn't gotten involved. >> there is a racist look, the guy saying, charge the obama clown, and the crowd applauding. that does not belong at a places where children are going, a rodeo basically. totally inappropriate. >> go ahead, rick. >> alan, have you ever seen the mask of george bush? >> so the argument is the other side does it, too. >> come on, liberals need to understand humor in america. >> it wasn't humor. it was racism and totally inappropriate to teach children that's how you deal with the office of the presidency. >> i heard you. let me finish. the simple fact is that this week the freak-out from the left to be totally intolerant of humor is ridiculous. why don't you turn on jon stewart one night during the bush presidency and then come talk to me. >> sensitivity training for all clowns. that's a rap on "news watch." judy, jim, noah, allen and rick, thank you. >>> hello, everybody. i'm heather childers, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this
normally do, right? >> sure. >>> time for a look back, richard nixon's white house tapes, the last 340 hours of x nixons audio. >>> ichiro suzuki on the verge of history. with his next hit he'll join pete rose and ty cobb with the 4,000 hit club. >>> happy birthday to hayden, she's 24, also olympic sprinter usain bolt turns 27 and actress kim cattrall of sex in the city, she's 57. >>> coming up, a "today" exclusive as willie geist talks to dolly parton. and an 85-year-old personal shopper. doing good, wouldn't you say? >>> keep it right here for more news, weather, and sports. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." have a very good wednesday. >>> a normally quiet neighborhood in the south bay startled by the sound of gunfire. bob redell is talking to police. he'll have a live update, next. >>> fire crews from the bay area called in to help as a while fire continues to rage near yosemite. thousands told to pack up and leave, including some bay area students. >>> plus, new video just in. dozen of protesters pulled from san francisco's city hall early
batch of president richard nixon's oval office tapes are available at the nixon library. he spoke on the phone to chief of staff h.r. hadalman after key aides were forced to resign in 1973. take a listen. >> it's a tough thing, bob, for you and john, the rest but -- i'm never going to discuss this son of a -- watergate thing again. never, ever. >>> hopeful news for a 12-year-old arkansas girl fighting a rare infection caused by a brain-eeth amoeba. kayley is speaking again. she can say yes and no and also hi mama and daddy. tests show no more signs of the parasite in her system. that is one lucky little girl. >>> a small lake in florida has just up and disappeared. check it out. residents believe that a sinkhole swallowed up the lake. at some point it was 8 feet deep and now it's barely even there. the neighborhood saw the lake becoming more shallow on tuesday. by late tuesday afternoon, it was essentially gone. all right. enough of the sinkholes already. >> a sinkhole kind of creeps people out. you just picture walking and the ground gives out and then you are gone. >> you kind o
says for a city still struggling to recover. rachel levin, al jazeera. >>> secret tapes by nixon, recorded 40 years ago, helped force nixon's resignation in the watergate scandal. here he talks to henry kissinger. >>> i know but at least -- >> i repeated it and i said we can do it in one or two ways. either go to the u.n. or come to us. >> what he should do is come to the u.n. and then drop down here and we'll give him a nice dinner you know without the heads of state thing but it will be you know everything except the girl. >> we thought we would return to hirari's national stadium here because we have quite a nice viewpoint of robert mogabe as he prepares to be inaugurated. hari what do we see? >> all things from presidents to former presidents. in a few minutes he will get up be sworn in he will then sign in the book and address the nation. people are really keen to see what he plans to say. is he going to get zimbabwe is not a colony speech that zimbabwens are not colonial, will he say to morgan sangurai, let's move on as one zimbabwe and to make this country great. people wo
:15, happening today, the nixon library in the national archives, releasing the final 340 hours of the white house tapes. the president richard nixon recorded for his own use. the tapes cover the period in 1973 between april and july. final few months that president nixon recorded the conversation in the white house. it follows a period where the president admitted responsibility for watergate and facing impeachment, richard nixon resigned in 1974, a little over a year after the tapes end. >>> also happening, a judge will announce a sentence for bradley manning at 7:00 this morning. ktvu in washington, d.c. newsroom, poor intelligence analysts faces 90 years in prison for leaking government documents. >> manning's attorney says he should face no more than 25 years in prison. i contacted people holding a vigil, in the entrance gate of fort mead. they sent me these pictures about a dozen people asking for manning to be set free. manning was convicted on 20 charges including espionage. he handed hundreds and thousands of documents to wiki leaks while stationed in 2010. he leaked the files to sp
. >> i think that lawrence is enjoying himself out there. >>> coming up, the final nixon tapes capture calls with two future presidents. >>> also ahead a developing story in syria. allegations of a chemical attack. >>> new revelations about the nsa surveillance programs and your e-mails. >>> right after the break, siblings and the autism study that has the bay area talking. >>> there's a new study about autism that may answer questions or raise concerns. >> especially if you live in the bay area. >> reporter: here's the stat for you. for the country, one in 88 kids is diagnosed as autistic. in some parts of the bay area that number rises to as many as 1 in 55 kids. there may be a way to predict if your next child is diagnosed as autistic. >> the pacific center for education works closely with kids who have autism and helps parents many of whom ask if i have one autistic child is it more likely that i will have enough? the answer may be yes. that doesn't mean it's time to panic. he says it means it may be time to prepare. >> if you can get attention to the child early on with early inte
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